Medical Information

Our medical information services provide full medical information enquiry handling support in accordance with agreed client specific working practices by trained professionals with scientific knowledge and communication skills.

Our medical information team comprises of qualified professionals with a medical, pharmaceutical or life science background.

A full-spectrum of services includes:

Enquiry handling

  • Receiving telephone and written enquiries on medicines and devices from healthcare professionals and the general public
  • Long-term or temporary medical information service on special situations
  • 24 hours or after-hours availability
  • Handling enquiries across the whole range of therapeutic indications

Enquiry responses

  • Responses based on the product labeling and/or client in-house data and/or existing standard responses
  • Literature search
  • Writing of standard responses

Filling, triaging and reporting

  • Logging information on paper
  • Recording in electronic database
  • Triaging and communicating with the responsible department (safety, quality, regulatory)
  • Sending enquiry reports

Periodic reconciliation

  • Periodic reconciliation with the safety department